FEMMS is a biennial meeting focused on the application of electron microscopy, primarily TEM, in materials science. The conference series primarily arose to satisfy the requirements of the electron microscopy community working on materials science problems, which grew explosively in the late 1980’s and has expanded to researchers working with analytical periphery, novel instrumentation, tomography, operando and correlative microscopy, and advancing into the domain of ultrafast time-resolved microscopy.

Traditionally, FEMMS brings together approx. 40 invited speakers plus one distinguished lecturer that are world-renowned experts, principal investigators and project leaders, to present their latest advances in the field of electron microscopy in the materials sciences.

Local Organizing Committee

  • Alexander Ziegler
  • Paul Franklyn
  • Jacques Gerber
  • Manoko Maubane
  • Tyler Morgan
  • Deran Reddy
  • Zikhona Tetana
  • Tutuzwa Xuma

International Advisory Board

  • Pascale Bayle-Guillemaud (CEA, France)
  • Steven Bradley (Honeywell, USA)
  • Nigel Browning (PNNL, USA)
  • Geoffrey Campbell (LLNL, USA)
  • Barry Carter (U. Conn, USA)
  • Uli Dahmen (LBNL, USA)
  • Kazuo Furuya (NIMS, Japan)
  • Wayne King (LLNL, USA)
  • Angus Kirkland (Oxford, UK)
  • Thomas LaGrange (EPFL, Switzerland)
  • Joachim Mayer (RTWH Aachen, Germany)
  • Karren More (ORNL, USA)
  • Naoya Shibata (U. Tokyo, Japan)
  • John Spence (ASU, USA)
  • Ray Twesten (Gatan, USA)
  • Knut Urban (Juelich, Germany)
  • Klaus van Benthem (UC Davis, USA)
  • Masashi Watanabe (Lehigh U., USA)
  • Matthew Weyland (Monash, Australia)
  • Yimei Zhu (BNL, USA)

Previous Meetings

From 1986 to 1996, meetings were held in the United States at venues in Illinois and California, this changed with FEMMS98 when J. Mayer and F. Ernst of MPI Stuttgart were principal organizers.

In 2000, FEMMS was organized by Dr. SumioIijima of NEC Fundamental Research Lab. The 2003 meeting was again organized by Wayne King. FEMMS2005 was organized by Knut Urban (ForschungszentrumJülich) and Joachim Mayer (RWTH Aachen University). FEMMS2007 was organized by Wayne King and Nigel Browning. FEMMS2009 was organized by Syo Matsumura (Kyushu University) and Kazuo Furuya (National Institute for Materials Science). FEMMS 2011 was organized by Nigel Browning (UC Davis). FEMMS 2013 was held at the Great Ocean Highway in Lorne, Australia, and was organized by Matthew Weyland (Monash University, Australia).

The most recent meeting was held at Lake Tahoe in northern California, and was organized by Klaus van Benthem (University of California, Davis).

Year Venue Distinguished Lecturer
1986 Argonne National Laboratory Prof. Albert Crewe
University of Chicago
1988 Oak Brook Hyatt Regency,Oak Brook, IL Dr. Hans Werner Fink
IBM Zurich
1990 Oak Brook Hyatt Regency, Oak Brook, IL Sir Peter B. Hirsch FRS
Oxford University
1992 Claremont Hotel, Oakland, CA Prof. Gareth Thomas
UC Berkeley
1994 Claremont Hotel, Oakland, CA Prof. Severin Amelinkx
University of Antwerp
1996 Oak Brook Hyatt Regency, Oak Brook, IL Prof. Manfred Rühle
MPI für Metallforschung, Stuttgart
1998 KlosterIrsee, Irsee Germany Dr. Sumio Iijima
NEC Fundamental Research Lab
2000 KunibikiMessa, Matsue, Japan (no distinguished lecturer that year)
2003 Claremont Hotel, Oakland, CA Prof. John Spence, ForMemRS
Arizona State University
2005 KasteelVaalsbroek, Netherlands Prof. John Silcox
Cornell University
2007 DoubleTree Sonoma, Rohnert Park, CA Prof. Mick Brown FRS
Cambridge Universtity
2009 Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki, Japan Dr. Akira Tonomura
2011 DoubleTree Sonoma, Rohnert Park, CA Prof. Archie Howie FRS
Cambridge University
2013 Mantra Lorne, Victoria, Australia Prof. Christian Colliex
University Paris Sud
2015 Granlibakken Conference Center and Lodge, Lake Tahoe, CA Dr. Ondrej Krivanek FRS
Nion Company / Arizona State University

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